Hello, I am a Microsoft Dynamics certified project manager originally from London but now working for the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland and living in the French Alps.

This blog deals with useful information, tips, tricks and reflections on Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 as a way of giving back to the wider community for all those great articles, blog posts and online material that have help/saved my career along the way!

I am particularly interested in keeping on top of Dynamics CRM (and related) certification including Sure Steps, Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening, SharePoint and Power BI.  One particular feature of this blog is that I will always share the study notes that I produce myself in preparation for any exams to help others master the material or at least have a checklist of what I consider are the essential topics.

  1. Hi @travelkevcrm, Thanks for your posts.

    I was just wondering if you could please let me know — are there big differences between the content//questions from the old MB2-866 exam versus MB2-703, and also MB2-868 vs MB2-700?

    To further clarify, if one has lots of study material for MB2-866 and MB2-868, do you think that’s enough and satisfactory to pass MB2-703 and MB2-700, respectively?

    Thanks! Josh

    • My memory is a bit hazy now but I think that there was perhaps a 60 – 80% overlap of material between the two sets with the newer exams tending to put a large focus on the more recent features. Be advised also that the CRM2015 exams recently came out so you might like to go straight to those. And no, if you only have study material for 866 and 868 I think you will struggle a bit to reach the 80% pass mark.

  2. Thanks @travelkevcrm, I read some more of your blogs. I do not have access to any MS Partner sites, MOC, etc.

    Would you mind directing me to resources and topics so I can manage the delta between the 2011 exams and 2013/15?

    I mostly interested in Customization & Configuration, and Applications.

    Thanks again in advance if you don’t mind posting this!


  3. OK – thanks again – @travelkevcrm. I now have your notes, the old 2011 material, and identified most of the delta to 2013/2015.

    Now I have another decision to make. Do you think I should study & prepare: A) all on my own, or B) invest in $$$$ MS training (one course includes the 2013 exam)?

    Just wondering – did you suggest going straight to the 2015 exam(s) just for purposes of being Certified on the latest version?

    Cheers! JT

    • Personally I would recommend studying on your own as you can source all the material yourself. I’d only recommend paying for material if you’re either short on time or coming to the subject relatively new and need extra guidance. I have no experience of the 2015 exams yet myself but I think I’d recommend going straight to them so that your qualifications are up to date and last longer. K

  4. Hi,

    I found the blog very useful and specially Notes.

    Just wondering if you could provide me MOC for MB2-703 then that would be really appriciated.


    • Amit. Excellent, glad you found it useful. Since the MOC is proprietary to Microsoft I do not have the rights to distribute it. Good luck when you come to take the exam. K

  5. Hey @TravelKevCrm, Hope you don’t mind me posting that I PASSED!! But only the MB2-707 Customization & Configuration 2015 exam. Albeit it’s an older certification, but what the heck, at least now I can say “YES ~ I’m Certified in MS Dynamics CRM”!

    I’m an independent and don’t belong to a MS Partner so it’s challenging to collate information spanning many different topics & websites not even knowing exactly what to gather or study, so I got very panicky and SCARED away from MB2-712 based on CRM 2016! Maybe if I can manage to arrange & collate all the 2016 information I can pass that later, but NOW I’m doing Form Scripting, Extending, SDK, Plugins, etc.

    For around a week I scrounged the internet for any & all material I could muster together for 2015, including Calculated & Rollup Fields, some other stuff, and followed @ ukcrmguru’s advice:: “So if you are yet to take the exam for 2015 (and do not feel ready to tackle the 2016 version), make sure to have practiced and be comfortable with the topics above”. After a few days I got sick of studying so just went for it! I am however a bit disappointed I scored only 825. Do you by any chance know the Maximum score?

    Passing was a HUGE RELIEF. Also, it’s cool how you can transfer the Certification and Logo directly to LinkedIn 🙂 Part of my study strategy was using YOUR notes from the 2013 Customization & Configuration exam so I owe ya a BIG THANK YOU!! The World’s Your Oyster so to speak!!

    PS >>> I find that TechNet and MSDN include more clear, concise, direct, and professional, authoring & writing over the MOCs.

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